Recked Productions Press:

  • Dance Magazine – Interview by Nancy Wozney with Erin regarding neuroscience and dance

"During her riveting solo Dissipating Pathways, Erin Reck, delicately traces lines on her body that follow the pathways of the human nervous system. A keen interest in recent brain research informs Reck’s dancing. “There’s no brain/body separation,” she says. “The brain is the body. Who better to understand this than dancers?” FULL ARTICLE

  •  New York Times – Jennifer Dunning reviews Up! on the Roof

"Up! on the Roof has become an enjoyable staple of New York summer dance. Organized by Erin Reck, the three-year-old program offers audiences a chance to see new and unusual dance in the airy rooftop theater of John Jay College." FULL ARTICLE

  • Houston Press – Adam Castaneda reviews Up for Air

"The size and the scope of the project was stunning, but even more wonderful to see was the choreography, which simultaneously altered the experience of the reflection pool grounds and manifested its ethereal personality in physical form."  FULL ARTICLE

  • Arts & Culture Texas – Abby Koenig previews Up for Air

"Imagine you are strolling around Hermann Park and you notice a gaggle of enchanting dancers around the perimeter of the gigantic Jones Reflection Pool… You have just stumbled upon Recked Productions latest creation."  FULL ARTICLE

  • The Dallas News – Manuel Mendoza reviews There Are Things We Don’t Know We Share

What separated the great from the fleetingly interesting was vision… Erin Reck employed a holistic approach, each building movement, sound and staging around a singular, sharply conceived idea." FULL ARTICLE


Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Press:

  • The RollingStone - Will Hermes reviews Laurie Anderson, The Bells: A Daylong Celebration of Lou Reed

The Bells: A Daylong Celebration of Lou Reed,” which took place Saturday, couldn’t have been more fitting.” FULL ARTICLE

  • New York Times - Anthony Tommasini reviews John Luther Adams, Sila: Breath of the World

“the plaza became a humming, mass of subdued, flowing sounds. Soft rolled timpani and drum riffs provided rumbling aural support, almost never marking the passage of time with pulsing beats…how about more such commissions?” FULL ARTICLE or VIDEO CLIP

  • New York Times - Rebecca Milzoff previews Mark Dendy Dance, Ritual Cyclical

“Eighty dancers will prowl the lawn, climb a corrugated wall of the Metropolitan Opera House and splash in the pool, in the choreographer Mark Dendy’s “Ritual Cyclical,” a site-specific new work presented by Lincoln Center Out of Doors…”  FULL ARTICLE

top photo by Simon Gentry