Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, a Production Coordinator, Out of Doors, 2013 to present
Assist artists with realizing their vision as it specifically fits into various sites on campus, advise with creative ideas and solutions, manage the artists and performers, coordinate with various levels of Lincoln Center management
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  • Laurie Anderson, The Bells: A Daylong Celebration of Lou Reed
    (Numerous bands, solo artists, actors, performers including: Laurie Anderson, members of The Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth, Anoni, Lucinda Williams, John Cameron Mitchell, Willem Dafoe, Steve Buscemi, among others)

“But the setting for “The Bells: A Daylong Celebration of Lou Reed,” which took place Saturday, couldn’t have been more fitting.”
- The RollingStone, Will Hermes   full article

  • John Luther Adams (Pulitzer Prize winning composer), Sila: Breath of the World
    (16 vocals, 16 string, 16 brass, 16 woodwind, and 16 percussion, 3000 audience)

“What mattered on Friday was the way the plaza became a humming, mass of subdued, flowing sounds. Soft rolled timpani and drum riffs provided rumbling aural support, almost never marking the passage of time with pulsing beats…how about more such commissions?” - New York Times, Anthony Tommasini   full article or video clip

  • Mark Dendy Dance (Bessie Award winning choreographer), Ritual Cyclical
    80 dancers perform to the music of the Kronos Quartet, 4000 audience)

“Eighty dancers will prowl the lawn, climb a corrugated wall of the Metropolitan Opera House and splash in the pool, in the choreographer Mark Dendy’s “Ritual Cyclical,” a site-specific new work presented by Lincoln Center Out of Doors…”
- New York Times, Rebecca Milzoff   full article

Photograph by Benjamin Norman for The New York Times

What mattered on Friday was the way the plaza became a humming, mass of subdued, flowing sounds.
— Anthony Tommasini, New York Times