A few of our choreographic projects

Up for air

40 dancers, 8 opera singers

Choreography by Erin Reck / Recked Productions
Performers  Kristen Frankiewicz, Alexandre Soares, Brit Wallis, Catalina Molinari, Jesus Acosta, Shanon Adams, Jacquelyne Boe, Roberta Paixo Cortes, Candace Rattliff, Tina Shariffskul, Brittany Thetford, and 30 additional dancers
Singers Natasha Manley (composer & soprano), Andrea Montano, Elyse White, Lauren Lafferty, Thomas Kang, Venessa Clarke, and Zoe Garner
Designers  Barbara Joyce Evans (costume), Erin Reck (staging and sites)
Assistant Choreographer Laura Harrell, Production Assistant Kelly Marshall

Up For Air is inspired by and created in celebration of the Jones Reflection Pool at Hermann Park, a 60,000 square foot body of water in the middle of the most beautiful park in Houston, Texas. This site-specific dance performance invites the community to experience the architectural and natural splendor in both colossal and intimate ways, and experience the power of movement merging with nature. Forty dancers and eight opera singers dapple, enliven, and accentuate the space.  The work is based on the poem, Things Fall Apart, by W.B. Yeats. We explore themes of duality in our world: good and evil coexisting, heaven and earth colliding, things falling apart and rebuilding, anarchy loosed upon the world and peace forever begging a foothold.
Made possible by a grant from Houston Arts Alliance


knowing when to come up for air

Choreography by Erin Reck / Recked Productions
Performers Kristen Frankiewicz, Lindsey Sarah Thompson, Alex Soares, Erin Reck, Brit Wallis
Designers Simon Gentry (photography and projection), David J Deveau (lighting), Barbara Joyce Evans (costume), Erin Reck (set)

An evening length work with the physical, intellectual, and emotional content to create a rich, highly textured event; a fluid theatrical journey that indulges in the exhilaration of responding to the moment. Hold hands, take a deep breath, and together we jump into a world that is both intimate and colossal. We explore the impact that a significant event has on a group of people. We will peel back layers of fear, reluctance, shame, desire, control, desperation, and indifference to give a deeper glimpse of humanity. Created in 2013 for the Photobooth Drive by Theater. VIDEO
Made possible by a grant from Houston Arts Alliance.

Worth the Going Worth the Ride

Choreographed and Performed by Erin Reck, Sarah Gamblin & Amii LeGendre
Music by Felix Laband
The Public Theater, presented by DanceNow NYC, New York City, 2015

This work explores female aging as a kind of transformation. Research on the biological process of aging, and societal biases fueled the choreographic process. Moving through various stages of the intellectual and physical, we pulled out the collective similarities and the radical differences that can exist between us. We probe, deconstruct, and mock the individual and the archetypal. Through text and movement we create a world of powerful physicality and raw humor.
Made possible by the support of Sam Houston State University

“The premiere of Worth the Going Worth the Ride by Erin Reck | Recked Productions used movement and voices to embrace the aging female body...the piece eschewed conventional standards of beauty and worthiness.” ~ Olga El Broadway World



Choreographed and Directed by Erin Reck
Performed by Sarah Gamblin and Erin Reck
Music by Julia Kent
Velocity Theater, presented by the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, 2015

This work considers communication through distance. We use an improvisational score based on communication through sensing and connection without physical contact. The duet is inspired by  neurobiological brain-networking research on how our brains can naturally join together when we share the same experiences. Made possible by the support of Sam Houston State University

“The sensorial approach that Reck embodied lured me into a world of rich kinesthetic and emotional awareness. Deftly physical, this nuanced work conflates sense memory, spatial architecture, and slippery virtuosity to shape a piece about communication and its elusive complications.”~ Erika Randall, Director of Dance, University of Colorado Boulder

Screenshot 2016-01-17 10.02.55.png

Yes First

Choreographed and Performed by Erin Reck and Leslie Scates
Music by Led Zepplin
The Barn, presented by Houston Fringe Festival 2015 and Texas Dance Improvisation Festival 2014

This work explores an interest in naming the normal, predictable, expected components of performance and movement techniques associated with postmodern dance and working in opposition to those elements, qualities and trappings. The writings of queer theorist, Jack Halberstam, fuel our choreographic process; improvisation scores and repeatable choreography frame real-time action performance. Collaborating with intent to upset and redirect, reconsider virtuosity, abandon the expected, poke at normativity, and lie facedown (literally) in theoretical ramblings.


Photo by Lynn Lane

Photo by Lynn Lane

Free Fall

Choreographed and Performed by Erin Reck and Leslie Scates, Erin Reck and Jhon stronks
Visual Art Installation by Tony Feher
DiverseWorks Art Space, commissioned by DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas, 2013

 This work is an interactive, performative installation combining art, music, dance, and language.

Tony Feher is known for creating strikingly beautiful sculptures out of seemingly mundane objects. For this experiment, DiverseWorks invited the artist to consider how his sculptural work might inform, relate to, or translate into live performance – a discipline largely unexplored by Feher to date. Encompassing the main gallery space, Feher created multiple spaces out of simple materials, which were then activated by several Houston-area composers, choreographers, and writers over the course of the exhibition. These artists were chosen by Feher and created new work in direct response to the installation.